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A small, friendly Australian Cattle dog, horse, and cattle farm and farm services company in Gormania, WV.
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We raise these beautiful intelligent dogs so you can have a fantstic family member! WE STRIVE on well rounded family dogs!  even with hearding instincts our dogs DO NOT nip, heel, heard any people, children or babies! :) our dogs are very well mannered well rounded dogs and we believe in giving the best family dog we can!  Our dogs come from champion and workng lines and will work when asked but are not daily workers.   We do not do this for personal pocketed profit, all gained from our cattle dogs goes directly back to our farm in one way or another!  We are also not a huge breeding business as we only have 3-5 dogs and give all of our attention and love to them.

         SKYLINE SPECK AKA Speck ,  RETIRED   Crossed the rainbow bridge March 2017


       Mill Creek's spiced Moonshine AKA Scarlett, our AKC (American Kennel Club) female
       Sire: KILLIAN'S TAILGATE BLUES (blue, mask)
       Dam: DR K RED HOT CINNAMON SPICE (Red, half mask)
       Bloodlines have :  Dr K, CH BUZZARDS, AND SOUTH HAVEN



      Skylines Hakuna Matata  AKA SIMBA, Our AKC (American Kennel club ) Male
     Champion and working bloodlines
     Sire: Dingo Last Bandit  (blue speckled)
     Dam: Amber Gypsy Hart  (red speckled)
     Bloodlines have:  Bolt Actions, Rocky top, J AND R, Timbers
    Passed over the rainbow bridge 2021



       Skylines Belle Of The Ball  AKA BELLE, Our AKC (American Kennel Club) Female
       Champion and working bloodlines
       Bloodlines have:  wcd's big bad bentley, CH rollers booger holler bosky, Robertons red whistle

    Skylines Legacy of S & S ( American Kennel Club ) Male 
   sire:  skylines hakuna matata
   dam: Millcreek's spiced moonshine 

  We encourage anyone to stop by our farm at any time. We are home most of the time so feel free to stop by and meet our guy's & gal's!