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A small, friendly Australian Cattle dog, horse, and cattle farm and farm services company in Gormania, WV.
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   the Rosa family
  .We love having Chulo as a part of our family! Skyline Mountain Farms was a joy to work with and we couldn’t be happier with our puppy. Chulo is extremely intelligent. In the three weeks we’ve had him, he has already been house and crate trained and has learned to sit, stay, and walk on a leash. He is extremely attentive and will walk with us off the leash for miles without wandering, even when other dogs walk by. He has been great with children from the start – he even stayed calm when nearly 20 children wanted to pet him at the same time last week! We have received many compliments on his build, markings, and demeanor. We highly recommend Skyline Mountain Farms!

        the McCumbers family
  KODA is a great addition to our family. he took to all of us right away. he is such a beautiful, playful and smart puppy. our two little girls love him so much and so do we. he plays well with them and keeps us all entertained. he loves going on walks and playing in the water. he likes to curl up with us at night and hardly ever leaves our side. everyone he comes accross falls in love with him. he is our SECOND cattle dog from skyline mountain farms.

    The Clements family

This is Angus at 12 weeks old.  He is truly a great puppy.  He’s beautiful and healthy; but the best thing about him is his temperament/behavior.  I expect  destruction and craziness with a puppy,  but this little guy has already calmed down so much.  He plays with his chew bones/toys and I haven’t lost any shoes, have no holes in the furniture.  Once he hit 12 weeks and could start holding his bladder, we rarely have accidents in the house.  Very easy to train. I even watched him extra close for a few days earlier this week to make sure he wasn’t getting sick –I  just don’t expect this good behavior from such a youngster!
The other great thing about Angus is that he stays right by my side when we’re out, and sits down by my side when I stop.  (I only put him on a leash if we go into Tractor Supply).  Several people have asked me how I trained him to stay right by my side, but he just does this on his own.  The other thing that makes him different from other pups I’ve had (Dobermans and Cattle Dogs) is that he is absolutely fearless!  Since day 1, there is nothing that frightens this puppy, he is totally confident.  I need to keep an eye on this because if a big dog growls at him Angus refuses to back down and will immediately go after him… could get both of us in trouble with his feistiness.  So we’re signed up for puppy classes in May to start working him around other dogs. 
You guys do a great job with breeding; Angus is calm for an energetic working breed, and he has confidence and good sense.  I come from a family that has always had dogs, and say this from a lifetime of experience. 

 The Noel Family with Skylines rowdy mountain man & Skylines roaming the mountains

   The spiker family with Skylines sweet blue merle

  The McCumbers family with Skylines Pretty Dreamcatcher  
  " Weeko is doing great! We love her so much.  she is so smart and she is really good around our daughter.  she is by far the smartest, high energy dog i have ever been around.  We thank you so much, The McCumbers Family.
  P.s she always keeps my little girl smiling :) "

  the richard familly with skylines smoking blue diesel
  "We got our beautiful little puppy diesel from this wonderful farm in wv. He has been a big enjoyment brought to our family and our other animals as well he gets along great with our children and animals and is a great asset to our family. We wouldn't trade him for the world..""

  The Myers family with Skylines smart little Lita

 "We purchased a female from SMF and we do love the little bugger, sharp puppy teeth and all. One smart cookie that fits in well with the goats, horses, cats and our other dog. Healthy as can be and smarter than most 8th graders today. Wonderful breeder to work with. Thanks so much we love our little darling devil! "

  Wix family with Skyline's Jesse James Wix
"Jesse James Wix is a Pup out of Skyline Moutain Farms Located in the Beautiful Hills of Elk Garden, WV.  She is a beautiful and very smart blue heeler at 8 weeks she came home to Fairmont, Wv where she lives with her master Emily and whom they are best friends. Jesse is a very smart puppy already retrieving balls ,almost house broke and is swimming in pools she will be starting puppy class's and then going on to other classes as she gets older. Jesse is Spoiled and loved every min of everyday. Emily and her family our very thankful to have skyline and there great breeding skills. 5 Stars!!!!!"

  The Varner family with Skylines sweet sadie

    The Huffman's w/ Skylines Blue Valentine & Skyline Gorby

quote: "  Our puppies are the loves of our lives! they are fun, cuddley, lovable, smart and above all healthy and happy!"

     Donivon Fortner w/ Skylines Mountain Willow

    Brandon Burns w/ Skylines Smokin Rebel

     Patrick Burns w/ Skyline Wyatt

   quote: "Wyatt is an amazing puppy. His ability to learn and please surpass my previous cattle dogs. I never would have imagined finding a pup that    equaled my first cattle dog Jed. Wyatt goes to work with me every day winning the hearts of all we meet. He stays near me regardless of the work I am  performing, he even loves to ride in the skid steer with me. When I first picked him up, Wyatt learned to go outside when needing to go potty within the first couple of days. He has not needed to be kenneled over night in several weeks, he sleeps on my bed with me. He has also showed me that he can be left in my truck without fear of him destroying the interior or going to the bathroom in it.
Wyatt has been a true joy, I could not be more pleased with my choice.
Cassandra has also been great, she sent pics of Wyatt regularly until picked him up at 8wks of age. Recently, I contacted her to help find a new home for the pup my son chose. She never hesitated, finding a home for him in less than a week.
The entire process has been easy and a joy, if Cassandra has a puppy that catches ones eye, they will not regret their decision to make the pup a member their family.

        Erik Parlett w/ Skylines Speckled Perry

quote: " He is a great addition to the family.  He and our other dog have become great friends. "


           Varner w/ Skyline Stormy

quote:  "My puppy Stormy is a quick study, lovable & an eye catcher.  She's the best puppy I've ever had. Everyone loves her especially my two little girls.  Stormy is the prime friend I could ever ask for.  Cassandra was great reporting on a regular basis on the progress.  from the conception, throughout the pregnancy to the birth of the puppies to me.  The same held true for the next eight weeks & even after I picked Stormy up." 


               Sandy Watson w/ Skyline's Blue Boomerang

  quote: "The puppy that I purchased from Skyline Mountain Farms is already a wonderful addition to my life. In the weeks leading up to the purchase of my puppy, Cassandra was more than helpful when sending pictures and helping me decide which pup would be a good fit for me! Since I live about 6 hours away, I based my decision on what Cassandra told me about each pup and it's parents. When I arrived to pick up my puppy, I knew I made the right choice and I am constantly reassured of that now that he is in my possession. Boomerang aka "Boomer" is already extremely loyal, playful and smart. At only 7 weeks of age he has learned several commands and is leading very well. We start puppy obedience classes here in a couple weeks, and when old enough, I'm going to start agility training with Boomer. If looking for a quality Australian Cattle Dog, I would definitely recommend Skyline Mountain Farms!"

    Zoe Delilo and Skylines Royal Blue Jay "jayce"
   quote "Jayce is an absolute sweetheart. He knows exactly when to be cute and I've gotten comments from everyone I meet about how adorable he is. The vet even said that he was one of the most well behaved puppies that she had seen. I can't wait to start his obedience classes at the end of June."

      Justin, Denise, Teresa, and Isaac Donaldson and Skyline's Top Gun

    quote "Finally sitting down to write on how much we love our puppy Gunner. He is an extremely friendly, and very loyal companion already. He was housebroken in only a week, barks when he needs out/in, knows many commands already: sit, lay down, down, and comes running when we whistle. He is extremely intelligent, and we spend our evenings out on our property, working and running Gunner. His only downfall is he raids our strawberry patch, picks off ripe ones, and runs all around taunting us. He is getting VERY fast!

Our local vet is very impressed with him and his pedigree. He speaks highly of his stature, demeanor, intelligence, and overall looks. He asked a lot of questions about your farm and he liked what he heard.

We are so pleased with our pup and are so happy we got to meet you and your family. Keep doing what you are doing, because not too many people care about the dogs they raise. You guys do a great job, and we are so glad we found your farm and added Gunner to our family."

     Jonathan Eye and Skyline Roxy
     quote " Roxy has been a wonderful addition to our family! She brings added joy to our home. She has been a very loyal puppy from the start. She is beginning to follow commands like sit, stay, and lay down. She goes everywhere with me, even to work everyday on the farms where we builds fence. She is very energetic and loves running outside on the farms. We receive many compliments about how cute she is and how pretty her markings are. She has made friends with our 18 month old daughter and the two like playing together! She hasn't made up quite as well with the cat yet, though. :) Roxy has been a healthy puppy. Cassandra was very friendly throughout the buying process and kept us updated with pictures until it was time to bring her home. We were very pleased with how smoothly everything went. We would recommend Skyline Mountain Farms to friends or family looking to purchase a dog. "

     Roger Holloway and Skyline's Sweet William "willie"
    quote :"Our little guy has surely grown- thrives on the puppy food that Cassandra recommended. As can be seen, he pretty much rules the roost. The little brown bed was purchased for the cat who did not like it- he loves it. Where it is true , he is somewhat stubborn and certainly strong willed, he has trained very easily and is extremely bright. So much personality-I think perhaps that he was born in a clown factory. He is very protective, very loving and full of boundless energy. We love him very much, he is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much for getting him off to such a good start in life. "

    Josh Delawder and Skyline's Tannery Hollow Bandit "Bandit"

     Travis, Dixie & Ellie Scheulen and Skyline Roo                   

     Amy, Eric & Bryce Hines with Skyline Diezel
  quote "Diezel is such a great addition to our family. He listens well and eager to please. Of course he is full of energy and needs room to run. When we get home he gets so excited and wants our full attention. My nine year old has a pal for life. Diezel is an awesome part of our family. Glad we decided to give him a forever home. We love him. Thanks!!!"