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A small, friendly Australian Cattle dog, horse, and cattle farm and farm services company in Gormania, WV.
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186 Energy Way, Gormania, West Virginia 26720

Thank you for your purchase of one of our Australian cattle dogs from skyline mountain farms LLC! We hope the puppy you have chosen fits well and makes a great addition to your family!

*The following policies are given to each of our customers purchasing a puppy*

 a $200 deposit is due once you put your name on our waiting list.   if you choose not to take a puppy from that litter or there are not enough puppies your deposit will continue to roll over to the next litter until you find a puppy of your choosing.  Once the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age you can come to pick them up and pay the amount still owed on your puppy. ( puppies are $800.00 on spay neuter policy, $1,500.00 for full akc breeding rights).

There is no return on the deposits/payments if you decide you no longer want the puppy, or there is not a puppy you like.  You have read these terms prior to your deposit.  the order in which you are on our waiting list is the order you get to pick your puppy. all deposits are FINAL and will roll over until you get the puppy you want no matter the circumstances.
        Once the puppy leaves our farm we have absolutely no control over what diseases or parasites the puppy may receive. This includes parvo virus, kennel cough, distemper, heart worms, cancer, fleas, ticks, allergies, worms and any other parasite or disease! Within ten (10) days if you find a health issue with your puppy you may have the puppy checked by a veterinarian and if the veterinarian deems the health issue was prior to your purchase we will replace the puppy with another of the same sex( when a puppy is available). Once the puppy has been examined we must receive the paperwork from the veterinarian stating the health issue directly following the examination. We are not responsible for any vet bills after the puppy is purchased from skyline mountain farms.

   Puppies can be shipped at buyers expence for cost of ticket/gas, crate, vet health exam and any additional charges involved in shipping $400 U.S/CANADA.
all puppies come with Lifetime breeder support, AKC registration, UTD shots (1 @ 7weeks), strict De-wormings(@ 2,4,6,7 &8 weeks), a toy, personal binder and acd informaiton packet.  Please be sure to do your research on Australian cattle dogs before your puchase.

       No puppy or dog purchased from Skyline Mountain farms shall be abandoned, placed in a shelter or rescue center or given away/sold to someone else!  If for some reason you cannot keep your puppy, the puppy MUST be returned to Skyline Mountain Farms LLC on your expence no matter the age of the puppy/dog and no matter the reason.

YOU CAN NOT DOCK TAILS OR CROP EARS!   We do not dock tails ever! god gave dogs their tails and we will not remove them.  you can however remove dew claws if you wish after you take your pup home.

     Our puppies are raised around our horses and our cattle but we do not guarantee that your puppy will get along with any other animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cows, birds or with humans.  these dogs are very intelligent and will let you know if they are uncomfortable around someone or something.
Every puppy or dog purchased from skyline mountain farms MUST be spayed/neutered IMMEDIATELY after purchase (or at appropriate age of 6months)! Once the puppy is spayed/neutered you must then send us a copy of the paperwork verifying so and after we receive the paperwork we will then issue you the registration paperwork for your puppy. Your registration papers will be filled out by you while picking up your puppy so they will be ready for ME to mail out once I reciever your spay/neuter papers. if you are purchasing breeding rights you will get a different contract. registration is mandatory on all of our puppies.  there is no exception to this. 
  Skyline is on every dog’s registration paperwork from our farm.  The registration application is included in your package but you will have to pay the 38.99  or  upgrade to any  other packages you wish.

Any purchase from skyline mountain farms is nonrefundable!

IF YOU FAIL TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THESE REGULATIONS STATED ON THE SALES POLICY: including, spaying/neutering immediately after purchase and sending us the paperwork, neglect of the dog or conditions in which the dog is in danger or serious health conditions which could result in the death of the dog or injury, breeding your dog when you do not have breeding rights or breeding before 2 years of age with breeding rights policy and other conditions of the policy Skyline mountain farms LLC has the right to remove the dog and the dog/puppies will be returned to skyline mountain farms LLC! appointed by our attourney at law! 
Feel free to contact us at www.skylinemountainfarms.com email: sales@skylinemountainfarms.com or 304-813-5818

signature and date of purchase required in showing your agreement to our policy at skyline mountain farms llc! this policy is law abiding and can be attested in the court of law. 

Purchaser’s name, phone number, address, and alternate forms of contact.

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